Barangaroo R7: Mixed Use Building

Sandstone Pattern

Sydney sandstone weathers in a particularly beautiful way producing a honeycomb-like pattern.

The underlying material of the Rocks and Hickson Road is the generator of the facade system that has evolved and transformed into a system that responds to its location and its neighbours, to the programme within and Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) construction methods.  The stylised interpretation of weathered sandstone is sufficiently removed from its origins to avoid literal interpretation and produce a universally appealing and sophisticated pattern and collective form.

Hexagonal panels allow the most opportunity to create openings of different sizes in a pattern of a suitable scale.  The hexagon is 1.5 metres at its widest with openings varying from 1 metre to 0.6m to 0.3m.

The faceted facade projects and recedes producing a form that as well as creating visual impact, also sits comfortably with its immediately adjacent neighbours.  The site footprint is somewhat unusual and the screen develops a form that is interesting and striking.

Team: Angela Rowson, Daryl Chandler, David Stevenson, Doreen Kuhn, Shiyi Pan, Thierry Lacoste
Date: 2013
Structure and facade: ARUP, Peter Macdonald, Tim Womack
Cost consulting: Coutts, Alan Jenkins
Kitchen: THE MACK GROUP, Teresa Mack