Perry Park Industrial Estate

Industrial Facelift

Perry Park Industrial Estate (PPIE) forms part of a rapidly changing area of South Sydney. It is conveniently located between the CBD and the airport as well as in close proximity to Green Square. In what used to be an industrial area that is developing into a mixed use area with light manufacturing and assembly, commercial offices and showroom with growing residential areas, PPIE will contribute to this mix.

The existing industrial building constructed of brick and steel is typical of its type with very high roofs.  The proposed fit-out will include 30,845 msq of ‘high-tech industrial’ activities on three levels with generous floor to floor dimensions of 4 metres.

The new uses combine the slickness of new construction and activities while keeping the atmosphere and voluminous proportion of the existing building.

A new carpark building, housing 340 cars to serve the proposal, is wrapped with double height office space and retail / hospitality on the ground floor facing the canal and street. The new façade incorporates large scale balcony-opening over several levels.

Location: Sydney NSW 2015               -33.908332, 151.195900                         Team: Thierry Lacoste, David Stevenson, Shiyi Pan, Doreen Khun
Date: 2012
Masterplan landscape: Tract (Georges Gallagher, Carl Nugent)
Landscape architects: Arcadia (Andrew Mason)
Planner: Urbis (Erin Saunders, Geoffrey Gerring, )
Traffic: Traffix (Andrew Johnson)
BCA: Blackett, Maguire + Goldsmith (Dean Goldsmith)
Heritage: Urbis (Stephen Davies)
Structural: Mott McDonald (Craig Furness)
Services: Cardno (Mays Chalak)
Fire: Raw Fire (Sandro Razzi)