Revitalising Hobart Harbour Waterfront Masterplan Hobart, TAS

Water Pier

City of Hobart

Hobart’s waterfront has undergone a number of significant changes over the years. Initially conceived as both a working port and a point of exchange to the outside world Hobart harbour has suffered from the progressive squeezing out of industry to make the area more ‘attractive’ and ‘clean’.

It is this progressive gentrification of the harbour that isolates Hobart’s waterfront from all that is vital and genuinely urban.

To transform Hobart into a genuine harbour city, the strategy is to invigorate the waterfront with activities and program that operate at different times, scales and seasons enabling multiple connections to the water for both tourist and local inhabitants alike.

By urbanizing the traditional promenade with program and materials, Water Pier offers multiple rather than a single relationship to the water: In summer: marine life, ecological, pleasure cruises, media and beach. In winter: ice skating, spa, mud bath, fish market and food.

Location: Hobart Harbour, Hobart TAS, Australia 42°52’58.63″S, 147°20’5.79″E
Date: 2006
Architects in association: Lacoste+Stevenson Architects with James Curry
Team: James Curry, Thierry Lacoste, David Stevenson, Angela Rowson, Adam Grasso
Photography/images: Lacoste+Stevenson Architects