The vision for the Shellharbour City Hub building is to provide an open and inviting community building integrated with the new public square.  To support this vision, community uses embrace and activate the new civic square strategically located at the busiest corner of the site. Also, to enhance the community ownership of this major public facility, the architecture is a subliminal representation of the surrounding landscape. The public face of the building is represented by the Library addressing College Street and the Civic Square with an undulating roof form.  The taller Council administration building is set back and addresses Cygnet Ave as a separate form.  The Auditorium, also a separate form from the south-west, addresses the Civic Square with the Council Chambers set behind and adjacent.

Wrapping around the public square is the Community Lobby, a five metre high ‘spine’ linking the Library, Museum, Auditorium Foyer and Council’s Customer Service Desk is designed to function as a community lobby activating the Civic Square. 

The Auditorium and Council Chambers forms a central element between the Library and the Council Administration building of the Shellharbour City Hub.