110 Luxury Apartments Darling Island Pyrmont, NSW

Through Views

Views are a determining feature of the design. Living rooms have double orientation towards city views on the eastern side and towards the afternoon sun on the western side. The plan is rotated to an east/west orientation to maximise and extend city views further into the length of the building.

The views of the western city skyline are square to the living rooms. A variety of different views are provided from the bedrooms and studies. The spatial arrangement of living and bedrooms makes an endless path via the balconies.

The shore buildings are a contemporary interpretation of wharves. The ground floor level at 1m above the street is the wharf on which the pier building stands. The materials reflect a palette found in this type of building.

The form of the building derives from the varied elements found on wharf buildings, which protude and move. The facade present articulated walled buildings. Double-sided orientation provides maximum cross ventilation. Balconies are protected from the wind and sun by sliding glass louvered sreens and vertical sun shading blinds to the east and timber louvers to the west.