Housing Prototype

Poster House

Poster House proposes a new housing system that is economical and unique. The houses are designed to use traditional construction techniques and materials to keep the cost down.

For most people a house is the biggest investment they make in their lifetime. It needs to be well built and last a long time but it also needs to be personalized, a place of which the owner can be proud.

The facade is wrapped in another cost-effective material : heavy duty fabric. The new owner can choose a pattern or image for the facade that is easily applied, providing the ability to completely customize the image of their own home.

The whole surface of the house can be covered with the fabric, becoming adjustable shades or privacy screens in front of windows. In a heritage area, the printed fabric can mimic traditional materials, which may not be otherwise affordable. In a generic suburb, owners can express their taste or hobby over the facade : a gardener could cover a house with flowers, a traveler with photographs ¬†of their last trips…

Team: Thierry Lacoste, Vincent Hubert
Date: 1997
Photography / images: Thierry Lacoste