UTS Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

On Display

The new UTS Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology building takes advantage of its prominent location at the southern gateway to the Sydney CBD, announcing the presence of UTS as a dynamic and contemporary urban campus embedded in the life of the city.

As a technical university with strong links to industry and a major research emphasis, this building is an active testing ground for the latest thinking on engineering and information technology science.

In particular it showcases the area where these two disciplines come together, including developing innovative solutions for climate control. With a digitally programmable ambient facade facing Broadway, a breathing facade to the north allowing natural cross-ventilation from a biofi Iter garden courtyard and an accessible green roofscape, this building is designed to support state-of-the-art climate control systems and facilitate the active testing and development of systems for the future.

UTS’ commitment to research is showcased on the prominent Broadway facade. The entire facade is populated with studios for the University’s large PhD community, giving these students the ‘best seats in the house’ with access to views and natural light. No more hidden nooks where PHD students are forced to spend years in the dark.

The facade becomes a sign for the activity of academic research across the faculties of the University. LED lighting can be programmed by the faculty to create a subtle but information-rich display to the passing traffic and pedestrians.

Location: Broadway, Ultimo NSW, Australia 33°53’2.53″S, 151°11’56.69″E
Date: 2011
Architects in association: Lacoste+Stevenson, DJRD and Six Degrees Architects
Design team: Thierry Lacoste, David Stevenson, Craig Allchin, Robin Dyke, Angela Rowson, Sasha Jovanovic, Armand Devillard, Tan Zhining, Annie So, Eunice Ho, Belinda Dimarzio
Facade engineer: ARUP-Peter Hartigan, Tania Milinkovich
Vertical Transportation: ARUP-Peter Tomlinson
Lighting: ARUP-Tim Carr
Digital architecture: Media Architecture-Tom Barker, Hank Haeusler
ESD / services: Steensen Varming-Chris Arkins, Illina Nanitsos, Diksha Vijapur
Hydraulic engineer: Warren Smith and Partners-Warren Smith
Landscape: JMD Design-Anton James
BCA: BCA Logic-Stuart Boyce
Traffic: TTPA-Andrew Morse
Quantity surveyor: WT Partnership-Gerry HeatonGaston
Photography / images: Lacoste+Stevenson Architects