Residential Extension Tewantin, QLD

Open to the River

The house is situated on the north shore at Tewantin with the Noose River on one side and Dewantin National Park on the other. The original house was a modest Queensland style stilt house.

The cental pavilion comprises three cubic rooms which have been retained and new wings added to either side. The riverside wing is a long living room, which opens up like a verandah. The national park side wing contains a bedroom/study, bathroom, WC and a laundry/multipurpose room.

The new structure are two pairs of timber portal frames spanning 12m and 8m length-ways which frees the riverside and parkside elevations of structural members and allows the large sliding doors to open completely.

The lightness of the new extension contrasts with the darker rooms of the original building, as do the new lower ceilings with the higher timber ones. The timber louvers reflect the rhythm of the weatherboards as well as allowing cool breezes to pass freely.

Location: North Shore Tewantin QLD, Australia 26°23’32.99″S, 153°2’35.95″E
Year: 2000
Team: Thierry Lacoste and David Stevenson
Structural engineer: Simpson Design Associates
Photography / images: Lacoste + Stevenson Architects, Brett Boardman