Maison de L’Oceanie

Oceania House: Despite the extent of Oceania, the house conveys an atmosphere common to the various vernacular architectures of this continent.

The Oceania House, like the continent to which it refers, is surrounded by water.
An aquatic garden occupies most of the plot. Its shallow depth makes it possible to leave the garden open without a fence.
The House is compact, isolated in the middle of this water garden.
The openings are oriented to satisfy the intimacy of the house without placing a fence around the site. The presence of water also helps maintain a certain distance between public and private spaces. In addition, the house develops around a private and sheltered patio. This gives each room a double aspect, allowing good light and ventilation.

The roof height varies according to the rooms it houses. Living room and bedrooms enjoy a great height while bathrooms, garage and kitchen are more contained.

The materials and construction methods used are ecological and sustainable. The structure is wooden. The walls are made of hemp concrete, a completely natural material, highly insulating and recyclable. Hemp concrete is beautifully reminiscent of Australian red soil while combining the insulation qualities required for the much colder Champagne climate than the oceanic climate.

Architects: Lacoste  + Stevenson
Location: Rue Georges Charpark, Bezannes, France  49°13’16.3″N 3°59’52.9″E
Date: 2015
Construction Budget: $320000
Team: Thierry Lacoste, Tristan Balogh, Lila Oliver
Structure, Hydraulic, Fire, Facade, Acoustics, Mechanical, Electrical: BLT