Library Marrickville, NSW


The new Marrickville library is blending building and landscape and strongly refers to australian scenery.

The library forecourt is a space that complements and extends the undulating form of the building. The softer, curvaceous lines contrast to the formal geometry of the former hospital and other heritage buildings on the site. the forecourt is not a formally planted space but a naturalist. the forecourt and library roof are planted like a meadow or prairie with willowing tall grasses.

Marrickville library continues the concept of a “public living room” for the community. this approach responds to the changing ways that libraries operate from both a service and technological perspectives. Not only are the range of ways by which information is communicated expanding but also the type of services offered are expanding.

The experience of visiting the new Marrickville library is more than just a visit to the library. it begins with a walk across the intriguing topography of the forecourt.

Design team: Lacoste+Stevenson & DJRD architects in association: Thierry Lacoste, David Stevenson, Robin Dyke, Daniel Beekwilder, Angela Rowson, Max Zheng
Date: 2012
Structure: ESD
Acoustic: Arup: Haico Schepers, Andrew Johnson, Christopher Sims, Shomo Sen
Landscape: JMD design, Anton James, Ali Gates
Heritage: Urbis-Stephen Davies