International Competition for the New Culture Festival


The Balancing Pavilion, “Contain-arts” takes its inspiration from the most transportable and transported object on the planet: the shipping container. It is a pragmatic object that offers many transformative possibilities.

Its mobility is unquestionable
Its resilience renown
Its economy proven
Its construction has an elegant simplicity
Its historic references to constructivism clear

Its transformation derives from adapting the construction system of a shipping container, curving it and dividing it into 4 segments Parts are easily transported by truck from location to location, reassembling in a different guise with an element of surprise. The cross-sectional dimensions form a square and the parts can be rotated and connected. The pavilion parts can then be arranged into many configurations. It might be a small contained volume for workshops and gatherings or an elongated and curved gallery for exhibitions. The pavilion can rise up above the ground to become a screen for external display.

In the summer months, outdoor space formed by various configurations will expand the use and adaptability of the internal pavilion.

Configurations can respond to each different location and exhibition or type of workshop. Flexibility allows the pavilion to be more than a static object; that it can change from place to place will make it anew for exhibitors and patrons.

Light enters the pavilion either from windows and skylights on the roof and in the walls or through revealed glazed ends. Walls are internally insulated and lined. Services arerun in the wall cavity.